5 Common Mistakes Made When Looking for Professional Movers

One of the most stressful experience you will have is moving. State to state for a new job or just around the corner to that new dream home you finally have purchased, moving is not easy! We move for many different reason with the same common goal in mind; a smooth move.

So no matter your reason for relocating, you have to beware these top mistakes commonly made. Check this list out to help prepare for a good move.

Mistake No. 1: Getting caught up in the moving price

Unfortunately, it is very easy to get caught up in the price of your relocation. With so much going on like buying a new home or finding a storage unit to place your items, cost of your move becomes just another piece of an already expensive pie. Many reputable companies understand their competition and their tariffs, so there should not be a huge dispense in the cost when comparing apples to apples.

With the large amount of deceptive companies in the industry willing to say anything you want to hear to earn your business, you should always make sure you have the same exact services estimate to estimate.

Mistake No. 2: Trusting the moving companies for face value

We all like to take someone's word who seems to be doing the right thing. Even a company that has great reviews on websites like Yelp and Goggle can be deceiving the system. This is a deregulated industry and the customers have to do their research to stay protected.

You must always search the companies that you get estimates from on www.protectyourmove.gov and verify what they are telling you is actually who the are.

Mistake No. 3: Setting unrealistic expectations

Hopefully you do not have to move once every 6 months. If so, I truly have a special place in my heart for you. Now with that being said most people have to only move a few times in their lifetimes and have not experienced a professional move before.

Expectations will make or break your moving experience and setting unrealistic ones will ensure you have a bad trip. Have a one bedroom apartment going from New York to Los Angeles but want a guaranteed delivery date? Not going to happen. Make sure you understand how the industry works to set realistic expectations.

Mistake No. 4: Not purchasing insurance of some kind

Mistakes happen. So often that I am writing this article about mistakes.. But with that being said we are all human and do make errors here and there. A legitimate mover is not going to try and break all of your items on purpose but sometimes an item may get broken if it is being moved 2000 miles.

To protect your items, we suggest purchasing an insurance plan when you relocate to help when it comes to damage.

Mistake No. 5: Not having a plan

It is so important to have a plan for your relocation. How you are going to get to the destination yourself? Where will you stay if the items take longer to get there in the delivery spread?

If no plan is in place, you can plan to have a stressful time when you relocate! Always have a plan and a backup plan to that plan!!

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