Cubic feet vs Weight and Miles when Moving

Moving with a professional moving carrier is a big decision and is really only one part of most relocation situations. With so much going on, we really just want to find a reliable option that we can trust important possessions without having to sell an organ on the black market or take out a second mortgage. Unfortunately, it is much easier for me to type this article than it is to find a reliable company in this deregulated industry.

The first thing when you move state to state to know is how you are being charged. The goal of most brokers and scam operations is to get you to agree to a pricing method that cannot be proven and is not verifiable. Quotes based on Volume (cubic foot) are the number one way customers are taken advantage of by moving companies. You cannot prove the length, width and height of your items when they are in the back of a large moving truck therefore the pricing method is not verifiable. Agreeing to a contract based on volume will guarantee you will not be working with a reputable company.

All reputable moving carriers operate under tariffs that base the cost on the weight of your shipment, the mileage involved and the services necessary to protect your goods. The truck is weighed without your items on it and then is weighed again once the items are loaded. Taring out the first weight ticket from the ticket from when your items are present will leave you with the exact weight of your shipment. That is how the weight is verifiable and keeps your protected. This is a service based industry, which means you will pay for the services that are rendered less or more.

Bait and switch estimates can also be given when being charged by weight if the proper services are not estimated on your move. Shuttle charges when a tractor trailer cannot access the home, excess stairs or elevators will get extra charges if not estimated properly. Some things that must be done are having mattress covers for your mattress and box springs. You must have type of glass top, mirror, picture or television boxed to protect those to the necessary extent for shipping. If these things are not properly estimated, you will be experiencing extra charges at pick up.

Try to avoid problems by just being thorough with the estimators and make sure you have everything estimated you will want the company to do. Never ever choose an estimate based on volume or cubic feet!!!

Visit and follow the steps on there to help prevent moving fraud!!

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