How Estimates Work When Moving Long Distance

Getting Your Estimate: Where to Start?

When starting the estimate process, most people begin with an online search or with a mover they have been referred to by someone they know. After that, making contact with the mover to begin getting an estimate would be the next step.

Once you have gotten your estimate, it is very important to research your mover of choice. The most important place to research your move is www.ProtectYourMove.Gov. This is the government website established by the Department of Transportation, which is the governing body of the moving industry.

Once you have researched your mover, the next step would be to make your reservation. It is best in every scenario to book your relocation as soon as possible to ensure availability for your move and to get the best possible rate.

Once reserved, most movers will have guidelines in place to ensure you have a successful relocation and understand your rights and responsibilities when relocating.

If you want to make sure you have a successful relocation, make sure you start off with a Pro.

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How Estimates work when Moving Long Distance
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