Moving During a Gas Shortage

Looking to relocate during the summer of 2021? Whether moving locally or long distance, relocating this summer will definitely be different than any moving season before.

Summertime is considered peak season in the moving industry. The months of May- September are the highest demand months as well as highest cost. This is typical of every summertime in the moving industry, but 2021 is now creating even more challenges for moving than ever before. We are adapting to the change here at United Moving Pro but would like to help give you an idea of what is going on in the industry!

Currently, with the cyber attacks that have crippled the infrastructure of the fuel pipeline. Fuel prices around the country are trending to all time highs in some areas of the United States. These cost for gasoline have been a driving factor in the cost of moving both locally and long distance vastly increasing this summer of 2021.

If your looking to move locally or long distance, doing it yourself or you need a professional to help, the price of everything from materials and boxes to a self rental truck, the cost of everything is at all time highs.

Please factor this in your budget accordingly.

It is now more important than ever to make sure you have an accurate estimate and the best moving situation if you are relocating this summer. Here at United Moving Pro, we find it very important to get your moving details ironed out as soon as possible and booked in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Give us a call today or fill out a request for a free estimate and we will reach out to you to help you get some more information and help you move properly!

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