Must Do Services When Moving Long Distance

New job? Sold your home or buying a new home in a different state? Just getting back to family you have missed for years? United Moving Pro can help you make your long distance move that last worry you will have during your transition to your new life.

When you move state to state, we find it very important to know ahead of time what services MUST BE COMPLETED when you make a long distance move. This includes a few things that may seem like they may be included in a typical moving cost but may not be according to your moving estimate.

Typically, when getting an estimate to relocate with a professional long distance mover or broker, you will want to make sure everything is in the summary of charges and on the estimate. This includes all packing of fragile household items like mirrors, large pictures, TV's and glass tops of items to name a few. Also, all mattresses and boxsprings must also be covered to move long distance. This is to protect the item during transit and also for sanitation purposes.

Another service that must be done when moving long distance is making sure you have all items removed from drawers of dressers and household items that do not seal or clasp the items inside.

Here at United Moving Pro, we feel it is very important when moving long distance to know exactly what you need to have done in order to move without any hiccups. Always make sure that any additional services requested on your moving estimate are indicated in writing and listed in your summary of charges.

If you would like to make sure you have all the proper services aligned for your move, give us a call today at 1(800)750-9881 or click here and fill out your online request for a free long distance moving estimate.

You can get started with your free moving estimate and United Moving Pro will make sure you have all the best services for your long distance move!

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